Warranty Policy

Bluedy Lighting Co.,Ltd (the manufacturer) assures the final purchasers that: The new Bluedy product which is well packaged in our factory and be delivered to the buyer in a right shipment is totally produced on the basis of function design. We are responsible for any invalidation which is caused by the material or production process if the product is under warranty.

Warranty Years

LED Tube Light 3 Years LED Panel Light 2 Years
LED Spot Light 3 Years LED Street Light 3 Years

Our liability

  • Repair or replace the product or material which has been tested to be invalid and be returned to the manufacturer under warranty.
  • The guarantee time of the related spare part for product assembly which is purchased by manufactures is restricted to the supplier’s.
  • The customer need to offer the original, legal and unaltered sales invoice with warranty.

The situation is not covered by the warranty as below :

  • The product or parts is broken due to being misused, illegally used, modified, or because of an accident.
  • Install, maintain or support the product or part not according to the specification.
  • Using the wrong voltage or current.
  • Use the link part or equipment which has not been approved by the manufacturer.
  • Using the wrong voltage or current.
  • Fails to do to manufacturer’s operating specifications, environmental requirements.
  • Any component normal wear and tear or aging.

If the product is not used according to the original design or manufacturing purpose, the quality assurance is invalid. The manufacturer claims that other warranty description is not accepted except the terms in this quality guarantee or law.

We don’t assume responsibility for the damage which is caused by indirect, accidental events at anytime anywhere.