LED Pendant Light


1. Material : Aluminium +Mitsubishi LGP.
2. power supply : Self-research power supply, better compatibility with light source, guarantee the lifespan and safety.
3. Base material : Aluminum alloy design, guarantee high heat dissipation.
4. LED : Epistar LED SMD , no radiation, flicker, low power, high stability.
5. Efficiency : ≥90Lm/w.
6. Power factor : ≥0.90.
7. Power Efficiency : ≥90%.
8. Work temp : -30 to 45°C.
9. Dimmable available : PWM dimming style,stable dimming, no flickering,no high-frequency noise. Wireless dimmers and manual dimmers are available,dimming range:0-100%.
10.Installation: Suspending. Easy installation, shock and vibration resistant.


LED Pendant Light 009

ModelPowerVoltageLED TypeLumenCRIColorMaterialDimension
BLT-PL-0803P384T4040WAC85-265V384PCS SMD3600LM85Ra2700-6500KAluminum
+Mitsubishi LGP
BLT-PL-0803P480T4848WAC85-265V480PCS SMD4320LM85Ra2700-6500KAluminum
+Mitsubishi LGP
BLT-PL-1203P480T4848WAC85-265V480PCS SMD4320LM85Ra2700-6500KAluminum
+Mitsubishi LGP
BLT-PL-1203P600T6060WAC85-265V600PCS SMD5400LM85Ra2700-6500KAluminum
+Mitsubishi LGP

LED Pendant Light 012

LED Pendant Light 011

LED Pendant Light 003

LED Pendant Light 002

Widely used in supermarkets, hotels, advanced clubs, Residential lighting, business offices, schools, factories, hospitals,  retail stores, building decorative lighting projects etc.

LED Pendant Light 001

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