Infrared sensor LED T8 tube light


1. Material : Aluminium +PC.
2. power supply : Self-research power supply, better compatibility with light source, guarantee the lifespan and safety.
3. Base material : Aluminum alloy design, guarantee high heat dissipation.
4. LED : Epistar LED SMD , no radiation, flicker, low power, high stability.
5. Efficiency : ≥95Lm/w.
6. Power factor : ≥0.90.
7. Power Efficiency : ≥90%.
8. Work temp : -30 to 45°C.
9. Easy installation, shock and vibration resistant.


LED T8Tube 13

ModelPowerVoltageLED TypeLumenCRIColorLighting AngleMaterialDimension
BLT-T8-IS60P48T1010WAC85-265V48PCS SMD950LM80Ra2700-6500K180°Aluminum+PC600mm
BLT-T8-IS120P96T1818WAC85-265V96PCS SMD1710LM80Ra2700-6500K180°Aluminum+PC1200mm
BLT-T8-IS150P120T2424WAC85-265V120PCS SMD2280LM80Ra2700-6500K180°Aluminum+PC1500mm

Infrared sensor LED tube light 7


Two Micro-bright Dormant Models
A: Power consumption can be adjusted to completely shut down, all lamps complete the shutdown after full brightness.
B: Power consumption can be adjusted to micro-bright sleep standby with different power, such as 2W,4W,5W…all lamps keep micro-bright conditions after full brightness

Infrared sensor LED tube light 5


Working principle
1.The use of infrared sensors to control the parking lot vehicle, when no vehicle access, all infrared LED lamps are dormant, each lamp power reduce to 10%, can satisfy the security requirements for lighting, and also greatly saves  power (according to the previous experience garage 24 hours of electricity can save electricity about 90%).
2.When a vehicle access, LED infrared induction lamp in low brightness is awakened automatic lighting, power is full,instead of 40W common fluorescent lamp, convenient parking, car or human activities in the induction region, LED tube remained constant light,when the car or leave the sensing area after 30 seconds, LED lamp is automatically  re entered the low brightness state, power reduce to 10%.

Infrared sensor LED tube light 1


Advantages and parameters
1.Save 70% more power than ordinary LED tubes,really energy saving
2.Standby brightness could be customerized,10%,30% or off,default brightness:10%
3.PIR Sensor with trigger angle 120°,trigger distance 5-8M
4.Delay shutdown time could be customerized,defauly time:30S

LED Tube Light 3


24 hours lighting lighting area: area stairs, elevator swing, toilet, basement, hotel and office corridor corridor lamp, porch, warehouse, underground parking garage, underground aisle, subway lighting, become at present stage instead of long time (24 hours) work traditional induction fluorescent tube most ideal secondary energy-saving LED lighting products.


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