LED Down light


1. Material : Aluminium +Aluminium Reflector+Glass.
2. power supply : Self-research power supply, better compatibility with light source, guarantee the lifespan and safety.
3. Base material : Aluminum alloy design, guarantee high heat dissipation.
4. LED : Epistar LED SMD , no radiation, flicker, lowpower, high stability.
5. Efficiency : ≥80Lm/w.
6. Power factor : ≥0.90.
7. Power Efficiency : ≥90%.
8. Work temp : -30 to 45°C.
9. Dimmable available : PWM dimming style,stable dimming, no flickering,no high-frequency noise. Wireless dimmers and manual dimmers are available,dimming range:0-100%.
10. Easy installation, shock and vibration resistant.


LED Down light 5

ModelPowerVoltageLED TypeLumenCRIColorLighting AngleDimensionOpen size
BLT-LD-3P14T77WAC85-265V14PCS SMD630LM80Ra2700-6500K120°3inch Φ100*50 mm90mm
BLT-LD-4P24T1212WAC85-265V24PCS SMD1080LM80Ra2700-6500K120°4inch Φ130*70mm115mm
BLT-LD-5P32T1616WAC85-265V32PCS SMD1450LM80Ra2700-6500K120°5inch Φ160*65mm140mm
BLT-LD-6P50T2525WAC85-265V50PCS SMD2250LM80Ra2700-6500K120°6inch Φ190*80mm175mm
BLT-LD-7P60T3030WAC85-265V60PCS SMD2700LM80Ra2700-6500K120°7inch Φ200*80mm185mm
BLT-LD-8P70T3535WAC85-265V70PCS SMD3150LM80Ra2700-6500K120°8inch Φ230*85mm205mm




LED Down light Installation

Widely used in accessorial lights for indoor ,villa ,restaurant, hotel , meeting room ,show room ,shop ,telephone cabinet ,counter etc.

LED Down Light


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